Hi, This is Juanita bringing you the latest news, gossip and photos from Cielito Lindo!!



Meet "Oscar" who has joined the stables residents along with "Baby" the burro,

"Amanda" the minature burro, "Roxanne" the goat and "Bo" the dog.


Sunday, 19 April

Forget meeting "Oscar" the ostrich, or as Johnny Manana pointed out to us, the emu. (Almost the same). Last week, the workers were moving Oscar to the bar area from the stables and were told to walk behind him and wave their hands to herd him right along. Big surprise for them when they opened the gate and Oscar took off at a run for the beach. That was the last seen of Oscar!!

Randy and Nancy (A24) had family down for Easter weekend. Lots of fun. They are taking Richard (A14) to Laughlin for a few days next month. Otherwise, Easter was very slow here.

Telcel now has internet service available here but it is at dialup speed, "soon" to be faster .

Off to enjoy more beach weather. It was great on the beach yesterday.



In memory of Russ Root, died 9 February 2009 after a brief illness. 


16 Feb 09. We had a nice Valentines. Randy & Dave cooked up filet mignon kebobs. There was dancing til 4am (but not by us). Of course, Johnny Manana was due in a few days ago but isn't here yet. Harlan was in for a few days, Skippy showed up and promises to bring Denise down next time. Nick & Nora have rented Hermano Mike & Marivic's casa. They lived on the mainland Mexico and moved here to be in management at the San Simone packing plant. Nick already brought us some great brussel sprouts.Mike & Keri will probably visit Joe & Gail in Boust.

Our sign did battle with a speeding drunk driver last weekend. Guess the car was a mess!



Ralph & Dorothy, lot A41, are all ready for the sand dunes. Long time no see!! but they say maybe they will be down this summer.

In Memory of Paul Arn, 1947 to 2009. Paul died 6 Feb 2009 after falling down and injuring his leg last week. He was being taken to the VA hospital when the USA border patrol agent noticed his not responding.

9 Feb 09 - We got a bunch of rain in the early morning Sunday. We haven't seen this part of the road this flooded in over 10 years. The main road coming in is better.



23 Jan 09, Harlan, lot B41, furnished a big catfish fry for residents, staff and lucky visitors. Nina and Juanita furnished side dishes of hush puppies and cole slaw.


26 Jan 09, a few of our residents went to the local chinese restaurant to celebrate Chinese New Year. This dragon dancer was at San Diego Jasmine restaurant (great dimsum), where Dave and I went for Chinese New Year dinner with Hermano Mike & Marivic, lot C64.


30 Jan 09, my daughter Thane just returned from another tour in Iraq. Daughter Trinidad is in Germany to have a baby then return to her family serving in Turkey. Phil, Kim, Tracy, TJ & Sina are all doing well and say hi to everyone.