These are the homes our residents  at Cielito Lindo have built. Most evolved from a trailer spot, then a shed added, then bathroom, then palapa, then house and so on, in a never ending puttering.


LOT A01: Built in 1998. Dan, Mandy & Murphy dog


LOT A02:  Built in 2000 by Lou, Jane. Sold to Gabby & Gizmo, Coco dogs in 2005.


LOT A03: Built in1997 by Maury, then Vannoy/Green had it, sold to Fred & Lupita dog in 2002.


LOT A04: Built in 1997. Mike, Liz & Sadie dog.


LOT A05: Built 2005. Mike, Keri.


LOT A06: Built 2004. Mason, Rosie & Bear, Roxy dogs, Tommy cat.


LOT A11: Built in 1999 by Bob, Gerry. Sold to Gio in 2007.


LOT A12: Built by Nelsons in 1999. Sold to Rae & Marsi, Ginger dogs in 2003.


LOT A13: Built by Mike, Billie in 1997. Sold to Mike, Jerry, then to Sandy, then to Joe, Gail.



LOT A14: Built by Maury in 1998. Sold to Richard & Louie, LBD dogs in 2000.


LOT A15: Built by Padilla in 2004, sold to Ring in 2006, sold to Chuck in 2008.


LOT A16: Built by Penny,Dave & Peaches dog in  2004.


LOT A21: Built by Al, Maude & Shadow, Pepe, Rosa dogs in 2001.


 LOT A22: Built by Downen in 1999. Sold to Chuck, & Snoopy, Baqui dogs in 2006.



LOT A 23: Built by Tanner in 2002. Sold to Dick, Chung in 2004.



LOT A24: Built by Chuck in 2002, Sold to Mann then to Randy, Nancy in 2008.


LOT A 25: Built by Dave, Beth & Poncho dog in 2004.


LOT A31: Built by Capriotti in 2002. Sold to Joe Jr in 2007.


LOT A 32: Built by Rudy in 2001. Sold to Art, Herb in 2002.


LOT A33: Built by Wally in 2003, sold to John in 2007.


LOT A34: Built by Russ, Elsa & Amber dog in 2005.


LOT A41: Built by Ralph, Dorothy in 2000.


LOT A42: Built by Russ in 1997, sold to Jeffries in 2000, sold to Hess in 2003, sold to Bob in 2004.


LOT A43: Built by Joe, Kay& Annie dogs in 2005.


LOT A51: Built by Karl in 2001.


LOT A52: Built by Bauer in 1999, sold to Eldridge in 2000, sold to "Mayors" in 2004


LOT A53: Built by Skip, Denise & Freddy, Friendly cats in 2000.


LOT A54: Built by Hoagland in 2000, sold to Ruth in 2003.


LOT A60: Built by Bauer in 2000, sold to Fiolkoski in 2001, sold toRandy, Marty & XX, Miracle dogs in 2005.


LOT A61: Built by Roche in 2002, sold to Gail in 2008, sold to Jerry, Terri & Smokey, Bandit dogs in 2009.


LOT A62: Built by Rangers in 2005, sold to Kevin, Kim & Ripper dog in 2007.


LOT A63: Built by Rusty, Mitza & Morton, Tyson, RayC dogs in 2004.


LOT A64: Built by Mike in 2001.


LOT B01: Built by Doc in 1980, then to Kevin , Kelly, then to JJ, Eddie, then to Chuck & Gladys cat in 2006.


LOT B03: Built by Dulaney, Bailey in 1997. Sold to Dik then to Gary, Stacye & Paco dog in 2006.


LOT B04: Forefront trailer, built by Paul in 1983.


LOT B05: Built by Ann, Gerald in 1994.


LOT B06: Back trailer,Built by Robbie, Jimmy in 1983. Sold to Neal in 2005.


LOT B07: Built by Art, Jan in 1987 then to Ed, Sara.


LOT B21: Built by Goree in 1996, sold to John, Sandy & XX dog in 2003.


LOT B31: Built by Geno, Pablo dog in 1987.


LOT B41: Built by Craig, Randy in  1988. Sold to Harlan, Denise & Moco, Angel dogs in 2002.

LOT B51: Built by Bill, Ruth & Tigger dog, Smoky cat in 2000.


LOT B81: Built by Ron and Judy in 1995 then to Gene, Laura in 1999 then to Glenn, Len in 2002.


LOT B91: Built by Will, Karen in 1983. Sold to Dik in 2007.


LOT C01: Not yet built by Chuck & Chili Pepper dog since 1999.


LOT C02: Built in 1998 by Dave, Juanita & Fida, Bugsy, Maggie dogs Felina cat. Straw bale house.


LOT C03: Built by Ron, Judy in 1998. Sold to Mike, Nina & Charlie,Yoda dogs in 2000.


LOT C04: Built by Paul & Dawg dog in 2005.


LOT C11: Built by Vines in in 1996. Sold to Randy, Sue in 2005.


LOT C15: Built by Hermano Tim in 1996. Sold to Way Cool Bob in 1999. Transfered to Rogelio in 2004. In the foreground is our doggie play area.

LOT C44: Built by Cher, Jim, Tonya in 2007


LOT C54: Built by Johnny Manana, Sandy & XX dog in 2008.


LOT C61: Built by Gary, Stacye & Paco dog in 2007.


LOT C64: Built by Hermano Mike, Marivic in 2005.


LOT G02: Built by Sam & Buster dog in 2005.


LOT G03: Built by Bard Bob in 2005.


LOT G04: Built by Bob, Pam & Bottom dog in 2002.


LOT G05: Built by Bauer & Ginger dog in 1999. Sold to Dik & Sadie, Shady Lady cats in 2005.