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 Way back when, ....  in prohibition times, the Rancho was owned by the Sendali family. They were instrumental in bootlegging and in assisting illegal Italians to assimilate into San Diego. The Rancho went thru several more owners until Hollywood producer Mark Armistead bought it and built Cielito Lindo in 1968. He built the bar/restaurant as a duplicate of a famous watering hole in Costa Mesa, Forrest Smith's "El  Pescador", famous for atmosphere, lobster thermidor, and red vinyl. Mark's Hollywood friends often stayed at Cielito Lindo. They included John Ford, Henry Fonda, John Wayne, Ward Bond etc. When the road pavement came to San Quintin, the Hollwood crowd found new places, further down Baja. Mark put an ad in the Wall Street Journal offering Cielito Lindo for Sale. Juanita bought it in 1975. Cielito Lindo went thru ups and downs. Juanita sold Cielito to Esteban Valdez in 2001. Cielito Lindo is still having its up and downs!!!

Re-live those thrilling days of yesteryear by refreshing your memory with these photos!!


The three photos on this line are from Howard Gulick. This is of Santa Maria Sky Ranch in 1960. It used to be 1/4 mile from the paved intersection at Old Hwy 1 and Cielito Lindo, but is all dozed over for agriculture now.

El Rosario in 1956 

El Rosario in 1960


Steve (Bajabird) and Cathy. The little girl in green is Ashley, now a mother and in the Army.

Kim and Chepe


Sina and siblings during wedding with Jon


Richard and Thelma costumed up for Halloween.


Kim, Kelly, Kevin and Waycool Bob celebrate new years.

Tod and Gracie 



Remember Cowboy John? He was always setting up some event.


Lou and Jane were always going to the beach.


Karl and Sandy celebrating St Patrick's Day.


Framing up the "Wet Buzzard" for Gypsys Beach Camp.


Labor Day 2005 in front of Gypsys.



Bob and Pam. Pam has since returned to Utah.


That was a huge black seabass Chino caught.

This two story cardboard house was on the old highway in San Simone. It has since progressed to a cement block house.  "Poco a poco"



Nice slogan


Waycool Bob's DC3 was blessed and made the flight out of our airstrip.

Harlan turned his truck into a boat. It is still running several years later.



Trini is next to Las Vegas JJ of BOLO fame. Far right is Juanita with Mary Magill 


Waycool Bob and Robbie

Porky Pig



Jerry with Steve (Bajabird)


Dave and Maury

Tod and Gracie with Gary



Doc and Juanita


Dave, Daddy Dave, Juanita and Edison

Graham with his burro and Juanita



Carl, Bert and Nito





Jim, Judy, Nancy & Ron


Bell, Chino & Kelly





Juanita's side of the family


David's side of the family


Nico on the left, Mario on the right





Leroy and Elaine

Baby and Robert